Pencil on paper, 2017
21x28 cm
Original sold

"Met Freya again today. She's the most merciless tease ever. She feels how much I love her, and obviously doesn't dislike me, but damn she ever gives me a chance. Led me to play chase for half an hour till we reached the river bank. Couldn't stop trying to get behind to stare at her bloodstained tushie. Gave me a sweet long tasty kiss at least... I almost came right there. I'm sure she noticed.

Always like that. Lets me under her tail for a second, time for a whiff or quick lick, then jolts away and challenges me with that gaze: 'nope, try again deer...' Fuuuuuck I'm burning so much right now!! Feels like I have her musk sticked all over my sinuses. Sigh. Need to rest but not sure I'll sleep much. So is love I guess. About three days of oestrus left."

- excerpt from Hyleren's field diary

I mentioned from time to time that Hyleren is an unusual kind of field researcher but I haven't shown much of her interaction with wolves so far. She's not kidding when she says she's basically a wolf who looks like a reindeer. Her passion for wolves can grow to pretty extreme heights...